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It’s Shoesday: Floral Prints

Spring and Summer is the perfect time for bright and bold colors. Don’t leave your shoes out! Here are some floral print shoes that will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe–year round. You can mix the patterns or rock them with a LBD. I LOVE these heels from Aldo! You can wear them with […]

My New Work Attire

  As of 5:27 PM EST, May 31, I became my own boss!   *throws confetti*   It is the most exciting and scary thing I’ve done in my 40.5 years. But I am looking forward to what life and entrepreneurship has to offer.   One of the trendsetters on Periscope asked would I change […]

It’s Shoesday! Neutrals

With summer approaching, the colors get bolder and brighter. Sometimes that necessitates more neutral accessories to allow the awesome boldness of your look to shine through. Here are some neutral shoe inspirations to add to your closet! I love these lace up beauties from Aldo! Click photo above for more information!     Click photo […]

5 Winter Boots for Under $100

Whether you’re trendy, practical, or somewhere in between, when it comes to fashion there isn’t much that’s more disappointing than spotting a trend you love or wishing you could update your seasonal wardrobe only to realize you just don’t have the funds. Man–I know the feeling! But, thanks to some fashion forward research and the […]

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