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3 Tips for Building an Event Wardrobe

I attend my fair share of events during the year. Some I participate in; others I just attend. But because of  my micro online presence (I have a small following), I am conscious about what I wear. I also grew up in a family of seriously stylish women–my grandmother, my mom and my auntie. My […]

Why Aren’t There Any Natural Hair Events in My Community?

At least once a week I receive a social media comment or email from a fellow naturalista asking if and when I will do an event in their area. I receive almost as many emails from aspiring event planners wanting some information and knowledge on how to plan a natural hair event in their area. […]

Here It Grows! Growing Out My Tapered TWA

I love wearing my hair in different styles. Even when I was relaxed, I changed styles pretty frequently. I don’t like looking the same for long periods of time, so I have to change it up. And the same is the case since I’ve been natural. So in spring 2013, I was beginning to become […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Email Mangement Efficiency

For those of us who conduct business online, email is a necessary part of our daily lives. A lot of productivity gurus believe there are a lot of time wasters and distractions in our inbox–which is true. But, for some of us, part of our income lies in our inbox. I think effective email management […]

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