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Trendy Socialite Review: Pampered Pits by Sydelle Cosmetics

I recently had the opportunity to try Sydelle Cosmetic’s Pampered Pits. I met the lovely owner at Koils by Nature’s INHMD event in 2013. She graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for my reaching the milestone of 10,000 YouTube subscribers! This allowed me the opportunity to try the popular Pampered Pits for myself. According to […]

Twist on Animal Print Nails

Remember my post on my animal print obsession? ‘member how I said I was going to do an animal print nail design? Well I did it! But I did it with a twist… I didn’t really have typical animal print colors, and I didn’t feel like going to the store. So I had to improvise […]

Tip Thursday: Using Blot Paper BEFORE Makeup Application

I picked up this tip from a YouTube vlogger (sorry, name escapes me). I tried it the same day and it actually works! Read on… This tip helps to absorb excess moisture (especially for those of us with combination or oily skin) before applying makeup. Apply moisture to face as usual. Allow moisturizer to absorb […]

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