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You Will Receive Exactly What You Believe!

The title of this post is the title of my devotion from yesterday. I simply HAD TO SHARE it! I read a devotional called 365 Days of Power by Rick Renner. It is an AMAZING devotional that contains a scripture, a prayer and a confession. It can be read in 2 minutes or less, but […]

My Audience Isn’t “On Social Media”…Now What?
4 Ways to Brand Your Email Auto Reply Message

I revealed last night during my webinar on time management and productivity that I do not like auto reply messages when I send emails to people. And it’s for two primary reasons… It’s stating the obvious (to me). I assume you’re going to respond to me in a day or two It’s another email I […]

REJECT Fear Based Motivation and ATTRACT Abundance

I am on quite a few email lists and RSS feeds. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some bloggers, coaches and consultants. And I see it as soon as I read their email title or subject of their latest blog posts. I often see titles like The 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail Why You Will […]

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