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Trendy Socialite Product Review: Ori Essentials Cleansing Conditioner

Since cutting my hair this year, co-washing (short for conditioner washing) has been a regular part of my routine. There are those in the natural hair community that do not ascribe to this particular method, but it has been part of my hair care routine since my relaxed days. I do not co-wash exclusively, but […]

Curly Natural Hair Protective

As the fall and winter approaches, many of us look for protective styles that protect our natural hair from the extreme cold and rubbing against our winter fabrics. In the spring and summer, we also look for styles that are low maintenance and work well on vacation. I think the style below can work year […]

Trendy Socialite on Curly Nikki TODAY: Shaana- Natural Hair Bride

My virtual assistant (and fellow blogging naturalista) text me and said “Did you know one of your videos was featured on Curly Nikki this today?” My response back was, “OMG…are you serious?” Whipped out my laptop and went to the site. I was struck by the sight of one of the most beautiful brides I […]

Slaves to Curl Definition?

As I was blog surfing this morning (I am soooooooooo behind on reading blogs), I saw this post by Natural Belle: Slaves to Curl Definition?¬†And I started thinking…yeah, sometimes I am. I, and many other naturals, talk about our curls “poppin” or achieving “maximum curl definition.” There are so many YouTube videos on the subject. […]

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