• Here It Grows! Growing Out My Tapered TWA

I love wearing my hair in different styles. Even when I was relaxed, I changed styles pretty frequently. I don’t like looking the same for long periods of time, so I have to change it up. And the same is the case since I’ve been natural.

So in spring 2013, I was beginning to become bored with my hair. I was mostly wearing it in an undo. But not occasions I would wear it down, I felt like it was just there. No real style. And that’s the one thing I don’t like! So I cut it.


I loved my Tapered TWA. It was edgy, funky, fashionable, yet classy.

Photo Jul 27, 10 43 38 PM

I even made regular trips to the barber for edge ups and funky designs in the back.

Photo Jun 24, 3 45 45 PM

My hair may have looked serious from the front, but it was often a straight up PARTY in the back!Photo Jun 24, 3 50 09 PM


Fast forward to December, 2014. Instagram let me know that a lot of my IG boos and others were gravitating toward the Tapered TWA look. And after a year and a half of wearing it–I was like, “eh. I’m over it.” So I made the decision to start growing my hair out. Funny I made this decision in December, because it was also in December of 2008 that I decided to go natural. Guess my birthday month, has me in a reflective space, ready to make changes.

I will say that it had been over 4 years since I had to grow my hair, so I almost forgot what it would be like. I am notoriously scissor happy, so I knew I would have to make it virtually impossible to cut. So I needed to come up with a grow-out plan. And I am sharing my grow out plan with you.

Undercuts are your friend

Two places prove challenging for growing out your undercut…the sides and the back. My solution for the sides was to rock an undercut.

Photo Jun 24, 3 13 29 PM

This would allow me to slow start growing out the back without sacrificing style and shape (two things that are important to me with my hairstyles). As hair grew, the undercut went lower and lower. That is how I went from this:

Photo Jun 24, 3 45 03 PM


to this:

Photo Jun 24, 3 13 29 PM


I even rock an undercut when I wear an updo.

Photo Jun 24, 3 08 47 PM

My barber, Russell Shaw of Another Level, is tha truth! He is responsible for my not cutting my hair as it was growing out.

Protective Style as long as possible as soon as possible

One bad hair day will have me in the barber’s chair the next day. For me, the only way to prevent that is to wear as many protective styles as I can for as long as I can. From January until just a few days ago, I have pretty much worn some sort of braided updo.

Photo Jun 24, 3 10 51 PM


This allowed me to not have to deal with the awkward growth stage. My updos lasted from 7-14 days.

2015-06-17 10.23.50

Thankfully I always wore a versatile style, so I could wear different styles and not become bored (which also leads to me getting scissor happy).

2015-06-11 07.49.45

After almost 6 months of only seeing my hair on wash days, I was ready to see it again. So I took my protective style down…

Photo Jun 20, 3 09 11 PM


And went to have my hair shaped into a bob:

Photo Jun 20, 5 51 02 PM


It wasn’t quite as long as I’ve hoped, but I like it!

Photo Jun 21, 10 25 33 AM

And of course, as the days go by, the more I love it!

Photo Jun 23, 10 09 23 AM


Day 3
Photo Jun 24, 10 46 33 AMDay 4

I hope this gives you a couple of tips and inspiration on growing out your tapered TWA. I plan to wear this bob for a while. The first time I cut the bob, I only wore it for about a month. I am looking forward to this for a little while.

Photo Jun 21, 4 58 16 PM



3 thoughts on “Here It Grows! Growing Out My Tapered TWA

  1. Natalie

    Awesome post! I have often wondered how I would grow out my hair and this seems to be a very practical approach! Will be following these tips definitely! Pls do more posts and always be generous with the pictures!!!

  2. Paige

    Love it!! Question the updo with the sides braided was that your hair or did you add in some kanekelon? My sides are still too short but I’d love to try this look the moment I am able.

  3. Yolanda

    Loved your advice & the pictures on how to grow out my twa! I’m a brand new “natural” and need all the advice I can get.


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