• How to Walk in Heels

Women love heels. Men especially love heels. But as I go through life, I find that many of fellow sisters do not know how to walk properly in them.

There are two things that women while wearing heels that bother me…

  1. Women walking around barefoot in public with your shoes in your hand
  2. Women walking like the shoes you’re wearing are going to throw you to the ground at any moment

My aunt Sadie always told my cousin and me that women are to “glide” while walking. She used to tell us that women are to be graceful and not to “plod” along. Those life lessons have always stuck with me.

When I wanted to start wearing heels, my mom told me that before I could wear them in public, I had to practice at home. I thought it was strange, but I learned to appreciate the practice. So here I am a teenager doing chores in heels. But when it was time to make my public debut, I got my “glide” on.

Here are a few tips for mastering the art of wearing heels:

  • Practice posture. Head up. Shoulders back. Look ahead, not down as much as possible. When you look ahead, you can look down ahead of you and see what may be on the ground ahead of you. I have done this for years and have not fallen because I was looking ahead and not down.
  • Make sure your shoes fit well. Shoes that are either too big or too small will cause your glide to look like a plod.
  • Practice. Try to practice walking, standing, walking and up and down steps, etc. Do this with new shoes and your highest heel. I bought a pair of shoes that I thought were not quite as high as they actually were. I wish I would have practiced in them prior to wearing them at an event because I was self-conscious while wearing them. Practicing would have prevented that.

Here is an amazing video by Michelle Phan on how to master walking in heels!

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