• The Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Natural Hair Subscription Boxes

Part of being a natural hair blogger and vlogger entails trying a variety of products–a lot of products. Our shelves look like miniature beauty supply stores with all the sample and full size products we’ve purchased and received. But as you are well aware, purchasing these products with your own money can be a costly venture. I work for the state; my money doesn’t go far like that (smile).

A couple of years ago, two companies emerged that would offer those in the natural hair community the opportunity to receive a box of products every month for a monthly subscription fee. I immediately got on board with the concept and signed up for both of them. Considering I could easily spend $40 monthly on a variety of products that I either used or wanted to try, I thought trying these subscription boxes would be good choice. And I was right. I have been a subscriber to two of them for over a year or so and I’m about to add a third. I am an unapologetic product junkie–feel free to judge me.

If you have contemplated subscribing to a natural hair subscription box, here are the top 5 reasons why I love them!

  1. Feed your product junkism (PJ) without as much guilt. I like trying products. Period. While I have my staple products, I do love trying other things. Subscribing to a natural hair product subscription service gives me the pleasure of getting multiple products for a set monthly price–which minimizes my guilt (at least in my mind)
  2. Try and discover new products. As a result of trying products in a natural hair subscription box, I’ve been able to add a couple of phenomenal products to my natural hair care arsenal. Had I not been a subscriber, I don’t think I would have tried Obia Curl Enhancing Custard, III Sisters Co-Wash Conditioner or others.
  3. Mix of top and emerging brands. I love the mix of emerging brands and well known, existing brands that can be found in the boxes monthly.
  4. Not just limited to natural hair products. I have received spray bottles, combs, brushes, scarves and other goodies in the boxes. There have even been months where I’ve received a candle or a beauty product. I love this!
  5. Exposed to products not readily available in your area. Until a couple of years ago when natural hair boutiques opened in my area and the Raleigh/Durham area, it was hard to find some products that are not sold in mainstream stores. Having a subscription service allowed me to try products that I may only be exposed to at hair expos or events.

If you are interested in trying a natural hair subscription service, here is a list for you to choose from (in alpha order):

  • CurlBox (this one is probably the hardest to join–the list usually sells out within minutes of opening)
  • Curl Collection (FULL-SIZED products delivered every 2 months)
  • CurlKit (I love this one–and the variety of products is cool!)
  • Overnight Naturals

Whether you’re newly natural or well into you natural hair journey, for between $20-$40 every month or two you could have a natural hair subscription box delivered right to your door and discover even more products that help you maintain and style your natural hair.

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