• My New Work Attire

graphic tee


As of 5:27 PM EST, May 31, I became my own boss!


*throws confetti*


It is the most exciting and scary thing I’ve done in my 40.5 years. But I am looking forward to what life and entrepreneurship has to offer.


One of the trendsetters on Periscope asked would I change my wardrobe as a result of working for myself. I said, “nah, because I pretty much wear what I want to work as it is.” And I did.


My boss knew that too. I was notorious for rocking a graphic tee. But I always dressed it up with jewelry, hair, skirts, etc. But yeah, I wore t-shirts to work. As my farewell gifts, my boss and department did the most thoughtful thing in the world–gave me graphic tees.


And this danger mouse t-shirt is one of them!

graphic tee


Similar shirt here

I love this look so much I think it may be my “uniform.” Graphic tee. Statement necklace. And sunglasses. Why not?

Mark Zuckerberg has a uniform. Steve Jobs had a uniform. And now Adeea Rogers has a uniform (smile).

graphic tee

Jeans: thrifted
Yellow pumps: similar ones on amazon, zappos, and 6pm.com


Today was spent having lunch with a friend and 2 meetings. Tonight I am celebrating the launch of my dear friend Sisters With Beauty’s book, Butterfly Transition. Tomorrow I have a client meeting and start a new training, Building Habits to Accomplish Goals (B.H.A.G.).  Then Friday I am off to D.C. to celebrate the Butterfly Transition book launch in person! Whew!


I thought I was going to chill the first couple of days–but this is what I signed up for. And I LOVE IT!


You know what was really cool? I took these pictures on location in Downtown Greenville, NC. Yeah, I think I’m going to like this living my purpose full-time!

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